Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gun Control - Color Sketch

So I took the sketch I did a few days ago and inked it in Painter then threw in some color. I don't color that often so my knowledge of color theory is pretty poor and I usually pick the same colors. I just color for fun and prefer flat color. The inking in Painter was pretty basic. I made a few 'inking' nibs for myself and they give me an 'ok' line. Still feel that there is room for some tweaks on the nibs.


Jamar said...

"Gun Control means using both hands in my land"

-Posdnus, De La Soul, Stakes is High

That's hot Mr. Swayze. I love it. You're killing em!

Illustration Monkey said...

Cool stuff Will@
Oh in response to your comment regarding the new illustration, I may post a bigger one but I've had my work show up in other people's websites before so I keep 'em small. I can try to post some close ups!!!!
Don't you love hate the web sometimes?
Stolen work is no fun/

Mr. Hawthorne said...

These little quick joints are a ton of fun, man. DO more!


Will said...

Thanks guys. Appreciate the nice comments!