Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working with your Idols

There was an 'electronic' discussion between friends about working with favorite artist and so I dug out some old pages from past jobs that were inked by childhood favorties.

First up is Klaus Janson. He inked me on my first cover Titans Cover(i think this is my DC Cover) and a couple of Green Arrow pages. I was really honored that he would ink these. Along with being one of my all-time favorite artist in the world, Klaus was one of my Teachers at SVA. I've loved his worked since forever....


Here's a page inked by Sal Buscema. He's the Brother of John Buscema. Sal is a pros pro. He can do anything and was fortunate to have him ink me. I was always a fan of his work for Marvel Comics back in the day. He inked me on many different books for DC Comics but this page is a random favorite!

Tom Palmer is another giant in the comics industry. Just a fantastic inker who has inked just about everyone but my first taste of his work was over John Buscema on 'The Avengers' from Marvel Comics. Most recently, Tom and I teamed up for the an eight issue Avengers book from Marvel titles' Earth Mightiest Heroes 2'.

These pages are from the first time he inked me on Detective Comics. It was my first time drawing Batman(ever!).

Page 1

Page 22

And finally here is a page from a 10 pager that I penciled and inked myself.

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

These are amazing to see! I'd love to study them in person. You guys were great together!