Monday, October 22, 2012

Comic Book Club

I'll be making an appearance on Comic Book Club podcast at Fontana's on October 23. Should be fun!


darthfurby said...

It looks like the podcast is recorded in front of an audience. I've never heard of these guys, they're very entertaining, but your segment was way too short. They should budget at least 30 minutes to an hour for interviews.

Loved hearing your comic book industry "origin story". Kinda sucks that IDW is jumping on the re-boot bandwagon, but it's a sign of the times. Hopefully they pick you up for another run on something.

Can't beat digital for speed and convenience, but producing original artwork for the collector market might be worth the pain of doing things the old fashion way, especially since pay rates are dropping with the gradual death of print. Gotta find alternative ways to get paid.

For that reason, I've been focusing on developing my own properties instead of working my ass off as a hired hand in a dying industry. While there's no real money in creator owned material, at least you own it, and once in a while someone hits the jackpot(Hi Walking Dead, Penny Arcade.)

Will Rosado said...

Yes they have an audience. it's a small room downstairs at the bar. They have a sound system and a control board. very nice setup. The guys were great. they have their stuff down... very quick and they moved the show along. I dont' know if i could've added any more to the segment. I'm like a shut-in... I work so much by myself drawing that when They were asking me questions and including me in the other segments I just sat there blank with nothing to

I think the Joe books get reset every season. I was working on season 2 joe stories which started with a new issue 1. IDW still publishes the old GIJOE - A Real American Hero, which picks up the numbering from the Marvel run. I think as long as that stays then what they do with their on-going Joe books is fine. Always good to change up art teams and get new ideas in there.

As for working Digitally, I can get a book done in 3-4 weeks so it works for speed. I haven't had a lot of people asking to buy pages... just a few. I do offer commissions.

I always tell young artist starting art to always work on their stuff first and forget about Marvel and DC. The big companies don't care about the artist... they just want to sell books and will put whoever sells on the books. Better to have something that is your own thing...

Also, Marvel and DC rake in millions and Billions of Dollars from the Movies and Licensing/Merch yet the page rates haven't increased much over the last couple of decades...

darthfurby said...

If I had seen your podcast notice a little sooner, I would've stopped by to say hi. I don't drink, but I used to work as a bartender a while back. Maybe I'll catch you at another event. I'm a bit of a hermit myself, not much choice if you're an artist, but I work in an office where I'm forced to butt heads with people on a regular basis, which has the odd benefit of keeping the cobwebs off my social skills.

As for Marvel and DC, corporations care for NO ONE, no matter how much money they make. Especially now, with the economy in the shitter. I joke around with my co-workers that one day we'll be known as The United Corporations of America.