Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Some favorite pages from issue 19...very violent issue... loved it.


darthfurby said...

I had a chance to read this comic, it looks even better in color! Some nice moments. I spotted a Trouble Bubble cameo, one of my favorite Cobra designs. Those things are fricken hard to draw, but you really nailed it. Favorite moment was the Scarlet Snake Eyes scene, along with all the sword action. Looks like you're going out with a bang!

Will Rosado said...

Romulo(the colorist) is fantastic. Everything he's colored has worked.

I had to draw the Flight Pods in previous issues. I hate drawing them but loved the toy. In the next issue I had to draw some cobra mambas and hated that.

I liked the Scarlett/Snake scene as well. But loved the pacing and and the action.